• Made in: Japan
  • Manufacturer: Torishima
  • Price: Update
  • Warranty: 12 Month

We, agents providing its product line in the market Torishima Pump Vietnam (Agent Torishima)
The product line of Torishima: (including Torishima Pump septic torishima & Seal)
- End suction pumps Torishima
Pump: CA, CPC, CPW
- Double-suction pumps Torishima
Double-suction pumps CDM / CDMV, CDK / CDKY
Double pump suction canister along with CDKTV
- Torishima Pumps multistage
Horizontal multistage ring section MMK / MML
End suction horizontal multistage ring section pump MHA
Split multistage pumps MHH
Horizontal multistage axially split volute-smoking twin horizontal multistage pump shaft divided MSH / MSH-T
Horizontal multistage ring section MHD
Horizontal multistage ring section MHG
Trans-axial pump barrel shelling MHB
Mixed flow vertical multistage pumps with canister MMTV
- Large Torishima Pumps
Vertical mixed flow pump mixed flow pump upright with canister SP / SPV / SPTV
Transverse flow propeller pumps axial impeller pump-fow
Pump volute vertical mixed flow CFV / CFHV
Vertical centrifugal pump volute CFV / CFHV
- Dedicated Torishima Pump
Glandless (Sealless) unit pump motor coach / HLAV
Mixe flow submersible pump with dry motor axial-flow submersible pump with dry motor SMSV / SMIV
Large size motor pumps submesible SMV / SMRV
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Type and size: CEN 125x100-250.1
Product No .: H102725 No.4.3
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