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Since 1919, NOP has specialized and excelled in fluid power engineering. Today, our main products, Trochoid®Pump and ORBMARK® Motor, are widely used in various industries throughout the world. While other manufacturers offer quality pumps as well, only NOP products deliver the broad range of value sought by customers. That's why our commitment to excellence has never wavered for nearly a century.

Among the solutions we offer is a new coolant pump, which we developed in 2011. This revolutionary pump eliminates the need for filter maintenance by machine tool users while requiring far less space and energy to operate than any equivalent product on the market today.

Another competitive advantage we take pride in is our short delivery period, even for small-lot customers. One of the major reasons why we are able to achieve such operational excellence is due to our short supply chain, which we control internally on a flexible and timely basis. And our innovative manufacturing system enables us to build products boasting quality that is both consistent and reliable, as well as achieve optimal delivery times — all at competitive cost.

With just 200 members, NOP is a small enterprise. Yet we firmly believe that our very size is our strength. That's because not only are each of our members fully committed to their work, they are equally committed to the challenge of creating even grander pages in the annals of our 98-year corporate history.

Without innovation, there can be no history. That, in a nutshell, is why NOP is constantly striving to serve and satisfy our customers with the most innovative products and solutions.

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